Sapim Nipple Brass 14mm Black Polyax Single ✪ Revolution Cycle


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Sapim Nipple Brass 14mm Black Polyax Single
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Nipple Brass 14mm Black Polyax Single


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Sapim's original Polyax nipples have a rounded profile, which allows up to 9 degrees of adjustment for better spoke seating. Improved seating angle increases spoke life and overall wheel durability.

Polyax nipples are ideally suited for wheels with deep cross sections or tight spoke seats as they prevent problems arising from misalignment. Standard spoke nipples have a tendency to straighten themselves away from the direction of the spoke, but the rounded design of the Polyax nipple head reduces the stresses produced by axial and lateral forces inherent in wheels with low spoke counts. Polyax nipples realign themselves within a rim hole up to 9 degrees in the radial direction and 6 degrees in the axial direction.

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