Whats Cool and New The Specialized Flux

The Specialized Flux

Already a favourite with the guys here at the shop. True vehicle lighting for

Revolution Cycle Group Rides
Welcome to Revolution Cycle

Revolution Cycle has been serving the Edmonton cycling community since 1991 with outstanding products and service. Original owners Dennis and Alan Aronyk continuously strive to offer Edmonton’s cycling enthusiasts more and more each season.  For all our old customers, come down and see what’s happening lately. For those who’ve never made it down to Stony yet, come on and Join the Revolution!

Shimano Service Center


Revo Youtube Channel

Oct 28

Revo now has a youtube Channel, stay tuned for more and exciting videos.

FatBike Demo Rides

Oct 17

Ever wanted to try a Fatbike?

Join us on a group and we will "Rent/Demo" you a Surly Ice Cream Truck or Pugsley Special Ops.

$50 for cleaning and maintenance, should you buy the bike we will apply this to the purchase price.

Hurry, while there is still selection

Oct 16


Hurry, while there is still selection

2015 Models are arriving daily and we need the space!